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DXH always considers service to be a major component of product quality. DXH people believe that service quality is the extent of the enterprise image and product quality, and that excellent warm pre-sales and post-sales services will make the customers feel good value for money.

Pre-sales services

1. Provide designing institutes all over the country with samples for the designers to choose parameters and make recommendations.

2. Considering the actual situations of the projects, enthusiastically and sincerely help customers to reasonably choose proper products.

3. Volunteer to introduce our post-sales service standards and commitments to the customers.

4. Initiatively explain the contract terms to the customers, especially the terms about product quality and production specifications and quality assurance mode, to enhance the customers’ confidence

Post-sales services

1. On the premise that the customers ensure accurate technical parameters and observance of operation directions, for all our products we provide a warranty period of one year and paid services for life.

2. As per the contract and the customers’ requirements, our company provide installation and debugging services.

3. Normally, on receiving the customers’ phone call or fax, our maintenance workers will arrive at site within 10 - 24 hours (10 hours inside the province and 24 hours outside the province) to provide quick and satisfying services for you.

4. On the basis of self-improvement, the company does a good job at the customer end. We have persisted in collecting customers’ comments. Every customers’ comments are filed and these comments form a criteria for assessing the maintenance service quality; at the same time, we carefully analyze quality issues and have engineering department, production department and sales department all involved in the improvement, so that we can provide better products and services.

We will provide following docs on the equipment delivery:

(1) As-built drawings

(2) Quality certificate

(3) Supervisory Inspection Certificate

(4) Product certificate

(5) Nondestructive Examination Report

(6) Mechanical Performance Test Report

(7) A list of the materials the main pressure parts are constructed of

(8) Water pressure test report (air tightness test report)